All-Time Champion at the "Moth" Joins MouseMuse Storytellers

October 18, 20112 at The Bijou will be absolutely thrilling for, Joe Limone and Ina opening the evening, onstage for Adam Wade, Adam is the 18 time StorySLAM winner at the "Moth."  Adam is like the Garrison Keeler of the Northeast. Homey, adorable and humble. He's able to make fun of himself. It's a gift that has landed him nighttime TV gigs in Storytelling. The show will feature Ina doing two 8 minute stories, Joe doing a  "clliff serialized story for 12 minutes, and Adam Wade is his incredibly likable way will make you stop, look, listen and care. He's a rare bird. Vulnerable and funny. Mark your calendars. Adam has never been around these parts. This is big stuff for MouseMuse. Yay!

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