Born in a Trunk. Stars Have to Be Born Somewhere

"Real Stories. Real People," Theatrical Programs Chosen by MouseMuse

The Bijou Theatre has maintained its history on the outside, but oh wow on the inside, it's tricked out to deliver entertainment, libations and a wowie experience from cabaret table or theater seats. You decide where you sit.

"I  was born in a trunk/In the Princess Theatre in Pocatella, Idaho/It was during a matinee." That's Judy Garland's story in "A Star is Born." We are giving birth to stars and a start in Bridgeport, Ct. For the Bijou Theatre.

MouseMuse is proud to announce is official alliance with The Bijou Theatre www. We will be producing three shows in 2012 at that wonderful venue starting on September  29, with Jill Jaysen's spectacular ensemble, mostly local cast, from  her exclusive, "Under the Covers, Where our Voices Have Been  Hiding." That show premiered in Westport to sell-out crowds last year.

The shows that MouseMuse and The Bijou Theatre conceptualized  could be called "spoken word," but in an effort to let the audience know that these shows are all true stories, riveting because they're from real life, hilarious because they're human, and poignant because they touch the core of truth in all of us, we called it something other than STORYTELLING—our flagship shows are more like the "Moth." People get up and they tell it like it is. Yes, we do make sure the telling is not offensive, takes ten minutes or less, but those shows are never repeated nor can they really travel. They're in the moment. They're reality TV in a refined form, for your life. Certainly not the Karsdashians, (unless you want to fess up?).

These shows are entities that we bring in from outside, that have been constructed from reality and had proven stage-worthy.

The shows are, at this point, performed and acted by the authors themselves.  Some have required inspired direction, such as Jill Jaysen's "Under the Covers Where Our Voices Have Been Hiding,"

It is a highwire act of innovative entertainment that's very different from our flagship unrehearsed but Ina and Bill vetted for excitement and entertainment programs.

Our first three shows are fully fleshed out pieces that you might see at a fringe festival or at other classical stage venues that handle more than conventional  on-script performances.

Keep looking for what's coming up on our partners page and events pages. Summer ends tomorrow and welcome to the next season of expanding programming for MouseMuse Productions.

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