"Expect the Unexpected" Fried Hedonism, July 10

Well, who knew? Here in our no-cheese allowed household, (an ironic twist for a mouse to be allergic to cheese) we went to TWO BOOTS OF BRIDGEPORT for our first Summer Storymaster's jam in June and what did was discover? They have incredible pizza with non-dairy cheese. Plus they have gluten free pizza. That was unexpected. The crowd of 40 people turned out on a rainy Tuesday, and we immediately set to the task of entertaining them, feeding them with po-boys, fried calamari, excellent salads, hamburgers, fries fried in the great tradition of French fries. Hey, if you're going to eat fried, eat good fried. We are all for hedonism 10 percent of the time.

July 10 brings us back there again. We've got our ambient music with guitarist Steven Epstein and vocalist Paula Darlington onstage. We have a trivia contest for the audience, a show with four veteran storytellers and contest for the three minute storytellers we pick from the hat. Nice prizes from local merchants.

The Joy of Cooking, or recipes gone awry, dinner tables that turned on you, and all things that can happen when you break bread with others.

The MastersĀ 

I (Ina Chadwick) am telling a story about the time we were invited to a Baptism for an boy named Epstein far down in Kentucky-Derby-monied aristocracy.
Joe Limone's father was the lenient one in the family. He had only one rule at the table, no soda. Wonder how long it took to break that rule? Show up, find out.
Paddy Jarit and his wife sat down with another couple at an all inclusive resort and from dinner to dinner they miscommunicated because they spoke different languages.
Gina Ludlow nearly wound up eaten alive at a ceremonial table in Africa. The predatory animals were the last ones she was afraid of.

Great drinks, Great fun. Kicky and relaxed for the summer.

We are back in serious mode at Fairfield Museum and History Center in October. http://www.fairfieldhistory.org/

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