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Ina Chadwick
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Mousemuse customizes programs for organizations, health care facilities, entertainment venues, schools, private clubs and town facilities. We make appropriate fee arrangements depending on your needs.


Customized Programs

• Awake After Dark™ (but home early enough in the suburbs) is a trademarked program created for an arts center. The suburban audience’s concerns about going out week nights inspired us to use this name for the program and its success depended on our commitment to deliver entertainment and community connections within a two hour frame work.

On the Road with MouseMuse™ ♦ is a program where, if possible, we present the same top quality programming outdoors without a sponsoring gallery or collaborative institution.

Stories on the Green ™ ♦ was developed in conjunction with the Fairfield Museum and History Center, but works well for any town wishing to highlight its historical installations.

• Adventures in Parenting ™  is a program presented in collaboration with the Landmark Academy in Fairfield County, CT. The themes are developed with the pre-school director with the intent of allowing parents to share in one of life’s greatest and toughest journeys: parenting.


Writing Programs

Writing Home in collaboration with Westport Arts Center

Between a Rock and a Hard Place in collaboration with Westport Arts Center

Memory in collaboration with the Westport Arts Center

Out of War in collaboration with the Westport Arts Center

Déjà vu in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Writers Artists Café

A free independent writing group that meets monthly to share resources.