Memorial Day Weekend is All Sundays

Memorial Day weekend is four days of no day. Friday, May 25, was like a Sunday. My husband had the day off so he hung around, a mixed bag of his neatness dogging my desire to just hang out ( in my robe) on the big chair in the living room, while he traipsed by heavy-footed with a few loads of laundry. The footsteps were to let me know that he was the only one doing household chores.
We both had meetings late in the day, separately. But at night it felt like Sunday because we had no plan. We grazed on leftovers. We'd had plans with family that fell apart when it turned out we'd all said "yes" without checking our calendars. Getting 6 people together for a family gathering is not like the old days when you knew that Sundays were for family. On Saturday, we did one of our favorite things--- viewing, not buying, fine antiques in the Stamford group antique shops on Canal street. We congratulated ourselves for not spending a penny, but I did wish we were just starting our lives togethet and could absorb a whole new collection of mid-century modern into our ecclectic but over-filled house.
In the evening we sat under the awning at Sunset Grille with friends for whom it took six months to clear this date. We walked Washington street in Norwalk after dinner looking for a vibe' and much to our dismay, it doesn't feel like it's thriving. We did manage a dance at a BBQ place with a band in the back, but that really needed more people on a Saturday night to call it a happening. Even Compo Beach was marginally sparse on Sunday. Quatro Pazzi in Fairfield was packed at 6:30. Great buzz there. Mother-in-law with us. Enough said.

Monday, my husband drove the Hippie Van for WPKN for the Westport Memorial Day parade. Afterwards he came home and slept. I read the newspapers all day thinking it was Sunday. I nearly forgot that I had our radio show--- fourth Monday of the month. Look for the archive later this eeek. At 11pm up in the studio, and finally for me, I knew what day it was. Bill Bosch and I had never done radio together before and as usual we were an easy team. Steve di Costanzo, our host on Radio Base Camp is a terrific programmer, avid listener too.
It's Tuesday, but feels like Monday of the first day of summer and after four Sundays, please recommend how to start my day with weekday verve.

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