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“This Suburban Life” debuts at 323 Main

Join us on September 23rd for food, drink, and tales of the little streets, big lobsters, and bigger houses that are so well known to us. This is the debut of our new series, “This Suburban Life”. The theme of our inaugural show, focusing on the Westport area, is “Where main street meets wall street.”


The underground Becomes The West End, Our Venue in New York.

What a lineup of stars have launched careers here! Lenny Bruce for one.

Now we are featuring Maryann Villanueva, and Maureen Hallock, on two separate Sundays.

Start listening to our off kilter reports of news sung by Bill Bosch, Duncan Christy and Ina Chadwick or you?


Back to the Gorgeous Waterfalls. May 19th. COBBS MILL New Management

We love that we are back at COBBS MILL for Newly revised Dinner Theater with Broadway back to her hometown, Julie Benko. She returning with a new accompanist and part of a great duo Jason Yeager.

“Blame it on Our Youth.” 

Performance $15

Drinks and a la carte menu

Full dinner menu available with advance reservations

Table service during the show.

The Lake Room overlooking the waterfalls is just where you want to be.



MouseMuse “Live Magazine” Sunday PM Monthly In NYC Cabaret

Westport, CT – For anyone who has attended the numerous and hilarious Storytelling events presented by Westporter Ina Chadwick’s MouseMuse Productions, it will come as no surprise that these showcase events have finally caught the eye of a NewYork City cabaret owner, John Forslund. Forslund owns the underground, a premiere venue for showcasing new talent and for the past 13 years a “go-to” au courant and eclectic entertainment destination.  For Chadwick it is an ideal setting for the resources of her MouseMuse Live Magazine , a not for profit arm of the production company. Forslund says, “We are excited to be bringing Storytelling in all of its stage varieties to our venue which has already made a name for itself with Bound for Broadway. Our intention in partnering with Chadwick is to create a more robust and cultured theatre-going crowd on the upper west side, especially on Sunday afternoons.”  The first show will take place on December 8, 2013 at 4PM.


“Where’d that erection come from?”

M. Hallock | The Falls | Poster Size 2.0


Hear Maureen Miller Hallock muse on the current state of advertising to men and to woman, all wanting to boost their sexual power with meds you see on the 6:00 PM news.

And as if Maureen’s brilliant observations about Suburban Wifery weren’t enough, she will work in tandem with absolutely the opposite voice, Steve Bellwood. British, coal mining kid from Northern England who will dazzle you with his “When the Old Man Died” monologue.


Sunday, Oct. 27th, doors open at 4:00 PM, show starts at 4:30 PM.

$20, open seating, at La Roue Elayne at Cobbs Mill Inn, 12 Old Mill Road, Weston (203) 227-7221.

10% off dinner with ticket purchase. Dinner reservations strongly suggested.