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To all MouseMuseians (a new term I’ve conjured up for all followers of things MouseMuse and lovers of the well told tale) - We are about to embark on a new season of Storytelling that should bring our audiences to the floor, either with tears or laughter.  Three evenings of entertainment at the Fairfield Museum and Historic Center.  Three additional evenings at the Gaelic Club in Fairfield.  Shows, produced by MouseMuse, of a slightly different tale, at the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport.  Over 50 storytellers will grace the stages in the coming months and weave their tales of love or lust, travail and travel, work, non-work, mistakes, blunders, histories, comedic encounters and, who knows, perhaps alien adventures.  Like a story strapped to the hood of an Indy race car, we fine tune the engine, coach the driver, check the oil, fill the tank and set them loose.  We never know exactly who’s coming in first, who might have a technical problem, or even bump into the guardrail along the telling. 10 minute bursts of insight, passion, escape, and hilarity.  Join us as we set forth on six months in a row of storytelling extravaganza!

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