One Woman Force of Nature Onstage at The Bijou

TOTALLY Kimleigh made a debut in New York a couple of years ago at the Fringe Festival. Every critic, including the Wall Street Journal raved. She moved to L.A. where she is a sell-out and well-known talent who has been on the "Mentalist" and other TV Shows. On DECEMBER 8, we bring Kimleigh to The Bijou Theatre, for a jaw dropping solo performance that will have you laughing, crying and applauding the miracles of humanity. This is not just a woman's show. This is a life-transforiming experience. See the trailers and make sure you get there. There are high wire moments in

But the best moments are the ones where you see her live.

Doors open at 7 PM

Dinner is available, drinks are fabulous, table side service or auditorium seats.


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