Our Storytelling Troupe To Date:

Dee Andrian
is a star of stars. She’s not only a world class golfer, but she’s an actress, a singer and was once voted Miss Glamor Girl of Johnstown PA. She’s made several appearances with us.

Orly Angerthal 
told a deeply moving story about her mother in three minutes.

Alan Berman
is a Westport Native whose interest and creativity in  ecosystems has fueled all of his writing and storytelling.

Julia Bobkoff Sundlie
lives in Marblehead Mass, but she threw her name in the hat, and told a touch tale of love.

Bill Bosch
is our Storymaster from Oxford CT. Bill is a winner who made it to the Grand Slam at the premier storytelling group in the world, The Moth.

John Cerrone
tells a mean tale of the mean streets in Stamford when he was a kid. We are waiting to have him back.

Ina Chadwick
started the program and loves to tell stories.

Gabi Coatsworth
is often our emcee but she delivers a punch when she’s weaving her own stories.

Debra Coleman
is simply hilarious, inimitable and a godsend. She’s got a degree in architecture and a world traveler’s viewpoint that make every story a winner.

Arch Currie
is an architect in Norwalk CT. We picked his name out of the hat for a three minute tale and he appeared a second time. We expect to see a lot of him.

Tracy Darmofal’s
baby got its head stuck in the crib. She is on the roster for more baby stories.

Vanessa David
is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, and playwright who contributes her original songs to our events.

Matt Davies
is a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist who give us his land and his talents as a storyteller every summer.

Anthony DiDio
has a grandfather, The Great Luigi, who had been Houdini’s helper. Makes for magical telling.

Kathleen Dolan
got picked from the hat. We hope to see her again for a ten minute story.

Lisa Duggan
is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur with a passion for fostering and supporting financial freedom and self sufficiency.

Ivy Eisenberg
is a writer, a recent winner of the Erma Bombeck Awards and one of our go to Storytelllers. She treks here from New York to give an added, almost Woody Allen, deadpan delivery of every story she tells.

Richard Epstein
is a go to man whenever we have an emergency. He’s at ease with telling of stories that have feeling.

Nick Fehlinger
is an actor, writer, and comedian with a talent for adding humor to serious topics.

Doug Fierro
threw his name in the hat and we are still trying to get him to tell a 10 minute story, not just a quickie.

Tom Fiffer
has one of the most unique and beautiful narrative Storytelling voices we’ve ever heard. We call on him often.

Tom Finn
spent his childhood looking out at the rail yards. Years later he became an engineer and now he’s a raconteur of first rate quality.

Harry Gambardella
wrapped the audience in a spell of spy stories which he hope he will do again.

Rozanne Gates
wound up on the cover of the Daily News after her deep grief over Judy Garland’s death was caught by a photographer. Rozanne is not only our production manager but she delivers a story flawlessly.

Mark Greene
is an Emmy Award winning animator and an Executive Editor of The Good Men Project.

Maureen Hallock
says she’s a caterer, but we think she has a secret stash of all thing hilarious, both light and dark. We rely on her ability to carry more than her own weight on any team.

Lisa Hickey
is the CEO of Good Men Media Inc. As she puts it: “I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public and become part of the popular culture for years to come.”

Doris Jacoby
is a long time Weston resident who, if left to her own stage, could fill the audience with rapt listeners.

Rob Jackson
is a TV commercial producer who travels more than we like, because he is a surefire entertainer on everything real and full of pathos.

Ben Jalet
brought all parents to tears with his story of his daughter losing her “blanky.”

Paddy Jarit
is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist.

Bob Johnson
is a radio personality, a chemistry teacher, and a former actor.

Michael Kasdan
is an intellectual property lawyer by day who has come to believe that “everything- who we are, how we connect, and how we move in this world- is all about storytelling.”

Chad Kinsman
has been our poster boy a few times. He’s the Director of Sponsor Service for the Westport Country Playhouse, and he’s been with us several times.

Tom Lawlor
is a native Alaskan. He is a well-known columnist and we think he gives Garrison Keilor a run for his money.

Bonnie Levison
is a professional storyteller from Greenwich.

Joe Limone
is one of our regulars. He’s an attorney with an energy company and a never ending source of fabulous tales.

Gina Ludlow
can knock you into the aisle with her force, her insight and her caring.  She’s a native of Hoboken and a teacher.

Pete Pastorelli
is a knock em dead ex-film producer who had a role in Easy Rider.  When he gets to the mic, you move closer to the edge of your seat.

Siobhan Powers
is our benefactor. She has provided more storytellers from her interactions at Landmark Academy preschool than we can thank her for, plus she’s a natural performer with MouseMuse.

Rebecca Rabinowitz
from upstate New York gave a tribute to her parent’s marriage from a three minute perspective.

Bari Alyse Rudin
is a standup comic whose father hid them in the upstairs away from Christmas Carolers because the family was Jewish.

Blake Schnirring
told her first story ever with MouseMuse and now volunteers in our office along with making regular appearances. Blake is from the part of Idaho known as Jaw Bone Flats.

Suzanne Sheridan
is a singer songwriter,  professional photographer and one of troupe.

Jackie Summers
is an author, an autodidact, a polymath, and an entrepreneur with a knack for using personification in his stories.

Chris Teskey
is a bluegrass musician who appeared in our inaugural shows at Fairfield Theatre Company before moving out of state.

Rebecca Toon
is a dazzler. A hoot with a Texas accent and the ability to make you laugh and cry.

Amy Van Arsdale
wowed our crowd with a three minutes story about the perfect life. We look forward to having her on again.

Shannon Walsh
has made her debut with us and is making a debut soon on Law & Order. She’s a student who has appeared in Wes Craven films.

Jeep “Halo”  Ward
is a hip hop and scratch programmer with a radio station.  A disc-jockey some times, and a record producer others, we love his youth and irreverence.

Allie Watters
was our first teenager to brave the spotlight. Her mother is our go to caterer and barteneder.

Mary Watters
charms, serves, and manages to be a thrilling performer every time.

Max Westhelle
is one of our younger Storytellers. He lives in Rowayton and we are going to chase after him until we get him back.  Ticket holders ask when he’s going to be on next.

Jennifer Wilde Capalbo
was born into a family of storytellers. Her incredible facial expressions keep any audience involved.

Rebecca Wilde Jarit
has a wry and comic approach to all of life’s twists and turns. She’s a dog breeder, a mother, a runner and extremely honest.

Robert Steven Williams
has a great way with a tale. He makes you feel it, touch it, see it, and you always feel you’ve been where he has been.  He lives in Westport and is a writer and singer/songwriter.


Storymaster’s Jam at Two Boots

Fran Dorf
On a first date with a seemingly normal guy, Fran encounters baboons that rip Mr. Wrong’s car apart. He ignored the warnings at a theme park. Find out what happened to this couple that became prey.



Valerie Austyn
Nicole Etzold
Brian Field
Susan Filan
Binnie Klein
Charles Lamb
Daniel Lanzilotta
Harold Levine
Tom Matlack
Elsa Nad
Gene Seidman
Stephen Siegel