Deja Vu Writing Contest

The Deja Vu writing contest was done in collaboration with the CCP. Listen to the public readings of the winning entries.

Congratulations to the winners of "Deja Vu"

  1. August on the Porch
    by Priscilla Whitley Matthews
Tonsillectomy 1966
    by Ivy Eisenberg
Cross Over to a Better Figure
    by Kate Corr

Honorable Mentions

  • Door Never Opened
    Kitty Burns Florey
Blackberries and Kudzu
    Ryan Odinak
  • The Reluctant Witness
    Margaret Rumford
Cape Cod
    Marcelle Soviero
  • Batter Up
    Robert Steven Williams
  • Baby Girl Z
    Anne Ziff
My Great Grandmother
    Sujeet Rajan

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