Salt is the Secret

A couple of audience members approached some of the mouse volunteers and asked for the recipes from the Landmark Academy event. It's ironic that Siobhan Powers who runs the Landmark Pre-School gave me the basics of this very simple chicken dish that I'll detail in Mouse News.  The salad dressing? Well, my mother was a maniac for garlic and salt. While other mother's in the 1950s made Celestial Seasoning's dressing pre-mixed, my mother fell in love with a dressing we were served in a restaurant in small town in the Berkshires. The restaurant was called the Hillside Inn. We ate there at least one day out of every summer weekend. We had to order our food a few days in advance because they brought in fresh beef, and they picked their own lettuce and  tomatoes which they served in a dressing with fresh cut up garlic, wine vinegar and what was probably a trough of salt.

We loved it. As the years went on, I became known as the Salad Dressing Queen. I'd grown up on real dressing. No bottle dressing ever passed muster in our house. Although my mother didn't really cook, the dressing we her signature contribution to my repertoire.

To this day there is no mystery even though I have added and subtracted many ingredients over the years. The three things that remain the primary taste in all of my dressings are olive oil, some sort of acid like lemon juice or multiple types of vinegar and excessive salt. The recipe will post on Mouse News.

BTW. I never use Balsamic except to cook with. The taste overwhelms greens, I feel. I traveled in Italy many times with a cook and they don't use Balsamic on salads often.

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