Self Published Means Success if Done Right

 A few weeks ago, I reluctantly went to a talk at Barnes & Noble where a some esteemed traditional published writers had gone the self publishing. I listened to David Wilk, who made sense, and whose company does quality work for any serious writer who now knows that you can wait around forever, but the book market as we once knew it and valued it is gone. I highly recommend going to this seminar and learning what you have to do to make yourself successful. It's not about vanity. Its about reality. The Self-Publishers Association Presents

Self Publishing Workshop (WITH WINE! }

Learn from the experts

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about self-publishing

but didn’t know who to ask

Tired of spinning your wheels? Spending thousands of dollars to publish your book

and not getting the results you want? Let the experts show you how to produce,

publish and promote your book, whatever your special needs may be.

Betty Kelly Sargent—freelance editor, former editor-in-chief of William Morrow

David Wilk—founder of consulting firm, production and promotion expert

Dan Blank— founder of, social media and marketing specialist

Eric Rayman—publishing lawyer, intellectual property expert

Jason Ashlock—president of Movable Type Management, author business consultant

The Beekman Hotel

First Ave at 49th Street, NYC

Tuesday, June 26, Monday, September 24, and Tuesday, October 23

from 6 to 8 pm

$99 workshop fee

{ includes a free drink after the workshop at The Top of the Beekman Tower }

Call us at 212-486-1531, visit or email

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