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March 14 Writers’ Café was well attended as always. We actually stuck to our agenda, and while the timing wasn't' perfect on each agenda point, we finished up at exactly the right time.

Our bragging rights took 30 seconds to a minute per person. Though some writers wanted to switch out their brag time to more time for the two minute readings, extending it, we decided as a group a long time ago that hearing the openings of works in progress gave us a good idea of what we'd like to know down the line from that writer. Our anonymous blind submissions with critiques are fabulous.

The critique form is constructive and the exact places that the critic needed to have the writer flesh things out, or was confused, was helpful. Listening to critiques makes all writers think about their own work.

Our Creative Brags of 3/14--shameless pride that doesn't goeth before a fall, that's us!

Valerie Austyn and Ina Chadwick appeared in a stage reading of a new play presented by Slant of Light Theatre on Wednesday March 14. Gabi said she was among the audience that night, and she thought they read very well, possibly better than the play deserved.

Ina is working on a submission for Masan's Road--- to the Mason’s Road journal (theme: character) and encouraged others to do the same. For many years she refused to submit work to contests because, well just because she has so many bylines that it created another stress. But this contest interested her.  She is also finishing a Trending Now. And Then piece for Hamlet Hub, called Bleak House, about a house she and her husband lived in where they also married. It is now in Bankruptcy, and it's an historical old beauty in Weston. She has also been asked to guest blog on a divorce and custody blog site with thousands of readers. She'll get to that next month.

All of you should mark your calendar for March 29. When Westport authors Dalma Heyn and Richard Marek will be launching their new e-book A Godsend: A Love Story for Grown-Ups at Barnes and Noble in Westportand discussing the pros and cons of traditional versus e-publishing. There’s more information here. Both husband and wife keep a low profile, but very high output in significant circles.

Dee Andrian will be appearing in a performance starring James Naughton at the Westport Senior Center on April 22. The theme: Try to Remember

Margaret Wagner won a Solas award from Travelers Tales in their Best Travel Writing contest, for her description of a trip to Greece with her grandmother. In honor of National Poetry Month, which takes place in April, she’s challenged herself to write a poem a day – fantastic! You can do it too… And on April 20th, she is hosting a poetry event:  Imaginative Storm Poetry Concert with spoken word poet James Navé.  Friday, 4/20/12 in Norwalk. Contact Margaret Wagner, 203-209-0047, to RSVP and for more details.

Sophie Barnes has had a poem accepted for the next edition of the healing, spiritual journal Caduceus. And she’s writing in new forms, to stretch herself. She’s been accepted into a professional writer's school for children's books. She’s decided not to pursue it at this time, but just being accepted is a great thing.

A new attendee, Fran Dorf, a published and lauded novelist , told us that she writes an advice column, Just Ask Me, for the Daily Muse. Check it out here, or send her your problem… She’s had work accepted recently at McSweeney’s a very prestigious publisher. And Fran’s personal blog can be found on her website.

Barbara Stokes told us that, even though she’d been on vacation, she’d managed to keep writing.

An extract from the first chapter of Jane Sherman’s memoir, Invasion of Privacy.  was published in all of the Weston Magazine Group’s publications last week. Ina and Jane have been toiling to get this important memoir ready for publication. This was a first and very big step. You can pick up your own copy. It’s stunning.

Shira Linden, with the help of Ina’s editing, says she has found her voice, and it seems to be the humorous essay. She is starting a blog about ignominy. Check back on our site to find out what she's calling it.

Catherine Onyemelukwe told us about her blog: Grandma’s Charity Challenge, which seeks to encourage giving from families and children to the not-for profits of their choice.

Last but not least, Gabi recorded two stories and submitted them to the Missouri Review’s Audio writing contest. These audio submissions are one of the reasons we are getting ourselves into the podcasting aren. AlsoConnecticut Office of Tourism’s 250 word contest  (theme: My Connecticut Story).Stay tuned for more blogs from Mouse in the House…And the next dates for the Writers Cafe will be posted. as soon as Margaret gets a minute free from her copywriting job.


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