Upcoming at The West End: What Went Wrong?

With a teeny bit of a departure from classic storytelling we have moved forward to our MouseMuse Live Magazine format. October 12th, We will be featuring a new storyteller, Edward Gibson, who came to one of our shows and got hooked on being up there. A stage addict so fast?

He brings with him a a lively out-of-state  audience and a share of humor I value. And then, if all goes as has been planned, we will be joined by a singer/songwriter who approached us on FB MouseMuse FB, and he became a follower. While he confesses to having written his confessional "What Went Wrong" love song in his twenties, he has promised me (we've never met!) that if he ventures from his home in New Jersey, he will give the torment of love lyrics an Elvis Costello mellow. Lindsley, the singer/songwriter has serious eldercare health responsibilities so he is trying to keep a promise to us and to his family.  Lindsley Seaman we hope to see you.

I will be sitting myself down on a chair and beginning a monologue of "What Went Wrong?"  No title yet, but it did go wrong fast.

For me the hints of wrong were happening for years, I mean for heaven's sakes, I treated my sister to an escorted trip to  Napa  and then a gorgeous drive all the way down to L.A…  and when we boarded the plane in NYC  she wanted Continental Airlines to replace her seat with a newer seat, not another assigned seat which many people, including myself were willing to exchange with her, but one with better springs because….because...  and she held  fast to that demand. The flight was delayed due to the Princess and the Pea and a new seat carried onboard and engineered into place.


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