What a Way to End a Summer!

We finished up our Summer StoryMasters Jam at TWO BOOTS with a smash hit from 4 very different storytellers, plus 3 from the audience who wowed us ---prizes were awarded to Miguel Villanueva, 3 place, (dinner at TWO BOOTS-- Harry Gambardella, a bottle of red wine, and Liz Wachsler, a gift basket with tickets to the Bijou Theater.

TWO BOOTS a perfect place to let lose, throw down a beer, or a club soda if you want, and then kvell from the pizza which is rated best in the state.

We loved it there and will be back next summer with storytelling. Meanwhile we will be working to plan some small scale writer and singer/songwriter solo acts for emerging artists at TWO BOOTS in the winter when we are in Fairfield. See our events.

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