Working for the Man: Some Fathers are more "Man" Than Others

We're back at Fairfield Museum and History Center and in celebration with the Emancipation Proclamation's 150th anniversary, our Storytellers have got some stories for you.
Richard Epstein worked for the one and only man, his father.  Liz Wachsler played a joke on a "suit" in her office who was too uptight. Harry Gambaradella took his 16 year-old grievance with his conniving boss to the cops.  Debra Coleman was enslaved by her living arrangements with each job she go. Pam Booth scared the devil out of herself when she worked malicious magic on her bad boss.
It's going to be an amazing night of emotional connection with six incredible stories that will touch you, entertain you and make you laugh.  Won't you join us?

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